Digital Marketing Specialists

I can bring paid search and search strategy to your healthcare agency, manufacturing firm, or E-commerce marketing team. I've been able to provide professional marketing management and consulting at what amounts to a wholesale price point, allowing me to be on your team. I've been marketing on the web for nearly 20 years and an integral part of the healthcare landscape since 2008. One thing I've learned over the years is that on the web, your buyers are in control. Things are different here. You're messaging has changed. Think about who you'd want to manage that process for you, we hope you see our services clearly.

Google's Adwords

When it comes to understanding paid search, I've provided free resources to assist you in comparing the available options.

Inbound Focused

User experience matters, as an inbound focused marketer I will help you decide on a structure that makes users enjoy your web applications while building trust and credibility. Leading to more contacts.

Content Creation

Content attracts and converts visitors, are you ready to create content at the scale needed by today’s customers? Contact us for a free content calendar example and how-to documents.

Word Press

Word Press can be challenging to new users, allow me to train you on maintaining your website as well as creating content that fits multiple devices.

Digital Marketing Diary

Providing digital marketing tips, advice, product reviews, and how-to information for any business owner who is looking to get more from their web marketing.

7 Ways to Kill Competition with Paid Search Visitors: Customer Pain

Healthcare marketing, and paid search to be more specific, works well when you can attract and convert suspect, prospects, populations, and turn them into advocates. Recently I went to an inbound marketing user group. Being in that kind of group has reminded me of a few lessons I’ve learned along the way, and I like […]

15 Dec, 2014 Rudy McCormick

Digital Marketing Thanksgiving

While this digital marketing post describes theory, not tactics nor digital marketing tactics, I have had experiences with many people that have exhibited great ability, or great understanding, but not both. Leadership in healthcare marketing involves being able to quickly and simply make decisions and get it right more often than not. This will be […]

27 Nov, 2014 Rudy McCormick

The Future Of Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Healthcare Marketing Strategies are Changing The future of healthcare marketing is certainly changing quickly. With the political advancement of what has been coined the ACA, or the affordable care act, healthcare is rapidly moving towards accountable care where the patient will need to become more and more healthy over time for reimbursements to make sense […]

9 Nov, 2014 Rudy McCormick